Exercise- It’s More than Just Weight Loss

Exercise- It’s More than Just Weight Loss Weight loss is the main reason people decide to exercise, but those who exercise regularly realize the benefits are much more than that. When you exercise, you’re releasing endorphins needed to be energetic and alert, so it’s accurate when we say, exercise- it’s more than just weight loss! When you exercise, you’re also helping to strengthen your heart muscle and improve circulation – two improvements that will help beat fatigue and energize your … Continue reading

Eating and Exercising Challenges – I have them too!

Eating and Exercising Challenges I’m no stranger to eating and exercising challenges, but as frequently happens, I was in a group recently talking about diet and healthy eating; someone said to me, “Oh you’ve never had a weight problem.  This is easy for you…” I thought I would address this today.  It’s not always been easy for me, and I remember quite a few years ago, I was very unhappy with my job.  My solution was to go home and … Continue reading

Mindset and Physical Strength – Do you believe your mind can increase your strength?

Mindset and Physical Strength You don’t believe that simply changing the way you think can have a big impact on your life or your accomplishments? What about mindset and physical strength? I admit it’s a somewhat abstract concept to think that just being more positive or more driven can attract good things to you, or that focusing more on the good in your life can make you happier, but, what about a demonstration to show just how powerful the mind … Continue reading

Get in Shape by January 1st! Yes…you can do it!

How to Get in Shape by January 1st! When you want to double down and make the commitment to change your body, change your health and change your life…where do you begin?  Here are some tips to help you learn how to get in shape by January 1st! Begin by figuring out where you are now.  What are you eating?  Do you exercise regularly, or have you become a real couch potato?!  Take a few days and journal what you … Continue reading

Thin Strong Healthy…working on a guide for you to follow!

Thin Strong Healthy Getting Thin Strong Healthy can be challenging!  Maybe you need to lose weight and get in shape.  Maybe you’re in shape but need to drop a few pounds, and just maybe you don’t need to lose weight, but you’re in terrible shape! I am one of those descriptions.  My mission is to share how to become Thin Strong Healthy and stay that way by eating right, but it’s more than just about eating right! I realized that … Continue reading

Flu Shot

flu shot

Flu Shot? Skip it… “The single best way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated each year.” This headline comes from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).  The CDC has frankly never produced evidence to support this claim. Additionally, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) covered up the flu vaccine’s ineffectiveness for older adults. In a large study, published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, researchers followed 7,000 people over eight consecutive flu seasons. New studies show that if you … Continue reading

Michael B. Jordan and “Creed” How Eating Affects How You Look

Michael B. Jordan and “Creed”… What You Eat Really Does Affect How You Look on the Outside Check out this article on what Michael B. Jordan ate to prepare for his role in “Creed”.  It really illustrates how what you eat affects how you look! I think the more important takeaway from this is that you have the power to look and feel better by making good food choices. Aside from wanting to know what was in the protein shake (they can have … Continue reading

Health and Fitness Tracking…are you Tracking Too Much?

How to Rein In Your Health and Fitness Tracking Are You Tracking Too Much? It’s easy to get caught up in your health and fitness tracking data. You can track all your workouts on one application and track your food and calories on another. A third app can help you stay on top of your health numbers while a fourth can connect you to others in your fitness community. All this information is a good thing, isn’t it? Believe it or not, there can be a … Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Health Apps

The Pros and Cons of Using Health Apps There are literally hundreds of new health apps introduced every year. These health apps do everything from tracking your steps to analyzing your sleeping patterns to help you improve your sleep. While these apps can be a positive beneficial step to improving your health and wellbeing, there are also a few downsides to using health apps. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of these health apps. Pro – Knowledge … Continue reading

How to Use Health & Fitness Apps

How to Use Health and Fitness Apps to Set Better Goals One of the biggest reasons why people fail to achieve their health and fitness goals is because their goals aren’t well planned. There’s a fine line between a goal that motivates you and a goal you can achieve. People often go to opposite extremes with their goals… either overboard, or they aren’t big enough. Another mistake is to make your goal too vague. Health and fitness apps, or applications, can … Continue reading