Top Ten Dieting Facts You Need to Know – Part 2

The Top Ten Dieting Facts You Need to Know started off with the fact that I personally don’t believe in “dieting”.  As I said, if you truly want to change your life and solve any weight challenges, a diet is not the answer.  A change in eating habits will serve you far better in the long run.

Let’s take a look at the rest of the top ten dieting facts you need to know…

Dieting Fact #5 –  Water hydrates you and aids in dieting – Drinking plenty of water hydrates your body and keeps you alert and energetic. Whether you’re dieting or not, keeping your body hydrated allows you to stay focused on your goals.  Skip the soda, diet soda and coffee; reach for a bottle of pure spring water instead.

Dieting Fact #5 - choose water over soda!

Dieting Fact #6 – Eat complex carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are necessary as they give you energy. Choosing carbohydrates that are complex and high in fiber is the best way to get your carbohydrates.

Dieting Fact #7 – Too much of anything is generally not a good idea – If you eat a diet that only consists of protein, for example, then you may be robbing your body of essential vitamins and nutrients.  Eating a balanced diet will be the key to lasting weight loss and improved health!

Dieting Fact #8 – Stop eating sweets!  Sugar in any form is a bad for you.  This includes sugar, cane sugar, corn syrup and so on, and this includes all the artificial sweeteners!  Artificial sweeteners can tend to slow down your metabolism which will cause you to gain weight.  Ingesting artificial sweeteners is a great way to bring more inflammation into your body.  Once you are off sugar for a while, it will not taste sweet anymore; an interesting phenomenon, but I can tell you from first hand experience that it’s true.  Pick up a copy of the classic book “Sugar Blues” to get the skinny on what sugar does to you.

Dieting Fact #8 - Stop Eating Sweets!

Dieting Fact #9 – Don’t drink soda or diet soda!!!  It drives me crazy that advertising has led people to believe they can order a big mac & fries, and if they wash it all down with a diet soda, they will be fine.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Again, diet soda’s ingredients tend to actually slow down your metabolism and for an added bonus, if you are prone to depression, they can trigger a depressed mood.

Dieting Fact #10- You have to continue to maintain a healthy diet In order for weight to stay off and for you not be a victim of the yo-yo diet effect, you have to continue doing what you did to lose the weight in the first place.

Make Your Life a Thin Strong Healthy One!

Cheryl Major

Cheryl Major


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