Gluten Free Pizza Crust with Almond, Quinoa & Garbanzo Bean Flour

Print Pizza Crust – Gluten Free with Almond, Quinoa & Garbanzo Bean Flour Ingredients 1 cup almond flour 1 cup quinoa flour 1 cup garbanzo bean flour 1/2 tsp sea salt 1/2 tsp baking soda 2 TBSPS olive oil 2 large eggs 3 TBSPS almond milk Instructions Heat oven to 400. Combine wet ingredients and add to combined dry ingredients. Work the dough into a ball and roll between two sheets of parchment paper to the desired pizza size and … Continue reading

Depression Signs and Symptoms

Depression Signs and Symptoms How do you know when you’re just having a bad day and are stressed and irritable or if it’s something more serious? When is it actually clinical depression? While a doctor is the only one who can make a qualified diagnosis, there are some signs and symptoms of depression that can signal you may need to take a closer look at how you are feeling. What follows is a list of some of those depression signs … Continue reading

Get in Shape by January 1st! Yes…you can do it!

How to Get in Shape by January 1st! When you want to double down and make the commitment to change your body, change your health and change your life…where do you begin?  Here are some tips to help you learn how to get in shape by January 1st! Begin by figuring out where you are now.  What are you eating?  Do you exercise regularly, or have you become a real couch potato?!  Take a few days and journal what you … Continue reading

Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen…do you know about this list?

Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen Have you ever heard of the Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen?? You’ve decided to eat a cleaner, healthier diet; that’s a great step!  But, how do you know where to start?  How do you keep the cost of food under control and still eat a healthy diet? How do you know what needs to be organic and what can be conventionally grown? These are all questions I faced when I decided to change … Continue reading

Quick and Easy Chia Pudding

Print Chia Seed Pudding Ingredients 6 TBSPS Chia Seeds 2 cups almond or coconut milk 2 tsps vanilla extract 3 tsps xylitol (Xyla brand is a good one…don’t use xylitol from China…) Optional – 3 rounded tsps Cocoa powder for a chocolate pudding Optional – 1/8 tsp cinnamon Instructions Stir the ingredients together. Wait a minute then stir again. Wait about 5 minutes and stir again. Stir again in another 5 minutes. Cover and let sit for at least an … Continue reading

Chia Seeds are a superfood – hint…think weight loss!

Chia Seeds are a superfood

Chia Seeds are a superfood- They’re not just for chia pets anymore… I used to think chia seeds were just for growing on clay forms of animals to give as funny gifts.  Now I know differently! Chia seeds are a superfood, so I use chia seeds frequently in baking, smoothies and desserts. Do you know they are incredibly healthy they are?  Among other benefits, they help reduce high blood pressure! I found this great article that I absolutely have to share … Continue reading

Side Effects of Statins – here’s a scary one nobody’s talking about…

Side Effects of Statins – Here’s one side effect nobody is talking about… There’s a lot of talk about the side effects of statins.  I am definitely not a fan of these drugs…lipitor just about killed my husband, Rob.  He had almost every side effect they list (even in the teeny tiny mice type writing…you know, the side effects they really don’t want you to read)…from muscle tissue pain and weakness to elevated sugar levels to brain fog and so … Continue reading

Easy Socca Recipe

Print Easy Socca Recipe Ingredients 1 cup garbanzo bean flour 1 1/4 cup water 1/2 tsp dried dill 1/4 tsp sea salt or Himalayan pink salt 1 tsp sesame seeds 1 1/2 tsps dried onion flakes or powder 1 tsp dried garlic powder 2 tbsps ground flax seeds 1/4 cup sunflower seeds 2 heaping tbsps hemp hearts 1 tbsp chia seeds 1 tbsp olive, avocado or coconut oil (optional – 1/4 cup diced calamata olives) Instructions Add flavorings and seeds … Continue reading

Prebiotics for Gut Health…Do you need them to feel better?

Prebiotics for Gut Health Sometimes there are things I would prefer to keep to myself…to keep private.  However, to be true to my commitment to you… to be transparent about health and to be of service to you in your quest for better health, sometimes I have to put myself out there.  This is one of those times, and it ends up being a discussion about prebiotics for gut health. Earlier this summer I had a bout with an intestinal … Continue reading

Popular Beauty Products Contain Suspicious Chemicals – are you using them?

Popular Beauty Products Contain Suspicious Chemicals If you use cosmetics, you really need to read this…  It’s titled “The 5 Suspect Ingredients That Could Cost the Beauty Industry $20 Million”, and it talks about how popular beauty products contain suspicious chemicals. Many years ago, I was looking through a TV Guide at my parents’ house, and noticed an “ad” talking about how rabbits were used for cosmetic testing.  I had no clue, and this was the beginning of me taking notice of cosmetics … Continue reading