Exercise and Mental Health – another tool to combat depression

3 Best Types of Exercise for Mental Health Exercise and mental health…exercise doesn’t just make you physically fit; it also helps you be mentally fit, so it’s very important not to underestimate the benefit of exercise when you’re dealing with the challenge of depression. Everyone knows how exercise can make your waistline smaller, make your heart healthier, etc. Very few people know just how crucial exercising is for your mental well-being. Just as there are certain exercises you can use … Continue reading

Symptoms of Depression – Do you struggle with any of these?

What are the Symptoms of Depression Because depression really challenges and colors your life, it can affect your emotions, your energy, sleep patterns, mental functions, etc. The first step is to ask yourself a few questions to determine if you are dealing with any of the symptoms of depression. Your emotions – While we all experience the occasional “off day”, prolonged feelings of sadness for no apparent reason are definitely not normal.  Life is admittedly an ongoing challenge, and events … Continue reading

A Food Label – Do You Know How to Read One?

A food label can be very confusing, and it’s designed to be that way!  Did you ever stop to think that if you knew what was in that package of food you are about to put in your shopping cart, you would put it back on the shelf? Today I want to give you a crash course on the basics of how to read a food label; so what does the writing on the package really tell us? The first … Continue reading

Sugar and Inflammation

It was an interesting weekend. We had our eleven year old nephew stay with us for three days, and we were out doing things we don’t usually do. At a popular amusement center, we were waiting to go on one of the rides, and I was surprised by a sign that was posted at the entrance. It read, “CAUTION – For your safety, the ride attendant will ask you to lift your belly, so the safety belt can secure your … Continue reading

How About Some Vanilla Ice Cream!

Did you know today is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day? It is! And although I don’t often eat dairy these days, I still have it once in a while. There are other ice creams that are delicious though and that don’t contain dairy. My current favorite is So-Delicious Ice Cream, and the vanilla is really good! I like to have it plain, with fresh fruit or with a little Morecello drizzled over it. Morecello is a blackberry liqueur. You don’t … Continue reading

I’d Rather Wake Up to Coffee Cake and Good Food Choices

I’d rather wake up to coffee cake…I recently received an email from a very popular cooking show saying, “Wake up to coffee cake, apple fritters, etc.”  It made me realize that it truly is all about good food choices. I’ll be honest with you.  I would love to wake up to coffee cake and apple fritters, but then I would be depressed again, probably fighting the pounds and inviting a host of oncoming chronic illnesses that would make me miserable … Continue reading

Eye Area – Is yours in good shape?

How is your eye area…this isn’t just for the ladies out there… When we talk about skin care, the assumption is the subject is for women.  Increasingly however, men are taking better care of their skin including their eye area, and so it should be! One universal caution when buying any creams, lotions and/or cosmetics or any personal care products for that matter is to please keep in mind that your skin is your largest organ;  it’s critical to your … Continue reading

Do You Want to Prevent or Slow Parkinson’s Disease

Do you want to Prevent or Slow Parkinson’s Disease? Seems like a silly question…”Do you want to prevent or slow Parkinson’s Disease”, doesn’t it?  Having watched my father live with Parkinson’s Disease for my entire life, first with Parkinson’s symptoms (he developed a tremor in his 30’s) and then in his 60’s with full blown Parkinson’s until his death at 87, I can tell you I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  Incidentally, I know realize what my dad suffered from … Continue reading

Blue Zone

What does “Blue Zone” mean to you? When I say the words “Blue Zone”, do they mean anything to you? If not, I hope you will continue reading, because these two words can change and even extend and improve your life. Blue Zones have been identified around the world by explorer/author Dan Buettner. They have been found to exist in Japan, Italy, Greece, California and Costa Rica. But what defines a Blue Zone? Very simply, a blue zone is an … Continue reading

Growing up with Food

Growing up with Food To understand your current relationship with food, it’s helpful to think about how food fit in when you were growing up.  Back in the 1950s and 60s when I was growing up, I realize it was a time of transition food-wise. I think it’s important for us all to remember our past and revisit growing up with food. Our family meals at home were of an English/northern European eating style. Our food was very traditional and, … Continue reading