Healthy Eating

What is Healthy Eating, and Why is It Important?

There’s a quick, simple answer and a much more complicated answer to this very important and potentially life changing question.

The simple answer is that healthy eating is a diet that is as pure and clean as you can manage that supports a healthier happier you with more energy and more ability to focus and function in your daily life.

Healthy eating includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables

The more detailed answer is that healthy eating begins with a pure, clean diet and then is customized by you as you learn more about your body and how it responds to different foods as you continue along this amazing journey of learning to eat to support your life.

For example, on my own personal journey, I’ve learned that I feel better and am more comfortable if I eliminate certain foods that seem to affect how my finger joints feel on a daily basis.  This means, I’ve experimented with eliminating foods from the nightshade family that have been shown to exacerbate achy joints and arthritis symptoms.

Eggplant is a member of the nightshade family

I know my aunt suffered with terrible arthritis, so although neither of my parents had the symptoms, I have to acknowledge it’s in my gene pool.  When I began to experience some swollen, creaky joints in my fingers, I decided to cut tomatoes, peppers and eggplant out of my diet.  What resulted was a decrease in the discomfort in my hands.  Does this mean I’ll never eat them again?  After all they can be part of a healthy diet…no, but I only eat them occasionally now so as not to build up the negative effects they have on my joints.

Healthy eating and this kind of sleuthing to fine tune your own personal healthy eating regimen is important because you truly are what you eat.  While each of us is different and our response to food is different, there is a baseline for what foods to eat to feel and be healthier.  Cleaning up your act with your diet can help you lose unwanted weight, but there may also be “side effects”…good side effects, that is.  You may eliminate a food or foods that was adversely affecting you and creating problems you had no idea about.

Healthy eating cured my chronic depression

For me, the surprise benefit of healthy eating was losing decades of depression.  Just losing it; gone.  What would you like to lose, cure, solve?  Is it excess weight, depression or mood swings, lack of energy, brain fog and inability to concentrate?  Did you have any idea food can cause or cure these challenges?  It can!

If you do this; if you give yourself the task of changing your diet, of living a life of healthy eating, at a very minimum, you can expect to feel better and lose weight.  You won’t be dieting anymore either; you will just be living with a new way of eating that will support your life and your goals and ambitions in a way you can’t begin to imagine until you give it a try.

I am the test case! I am the proof, and I’m here to tell you that you cannot even imagine how your life can change by changing what you eat.

Get started on the road to healthy eating!

How do you begin to eat healthy?  That’s what this blog is all about.  It’s an ongoing dialogue designed to share with you my journey of victory and success that you may follow in my footsteps and enjoy success over your demons and challenges, too!

And while you’re beginning these changes, it’s a great idea to incorporate gratitude and eating mindfully.

It’s a great journey.  Let’s get on the road to your healthier, happier you!

Live the Major Lifestyle!

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Cheryl A Major, CNWC...Helping you live the Major Lifestyle!

Cheryl Major at home in Massachusetts with some of her sheep.


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