In memory of Geoff Hoff…

In Memory of Geoff Hoff…

Geoff Hoff

I knew Geoff Hoff longer than I’ve known anyone else online.

He led the “Red Group” I was in when I signed up for Pat O’Bryan’s course:  “Wow! This is Easy!” back in 2010 or thereabouts…

Along with learning, Wow!…this isn’t easy… it’s a lot of work, I also learned that Geoff was a remarkably patient, earnest and caring person.

Later, I reconnected with Geoff through Connie Ragen Green.  I joined his Wednesday night call and met several other great people through him who were also developing online businesses, and learned so much.  He became my techie go-to guru person; I depended upon him to either explain mysteries so I could do things myself or to bail me out entirely making magical sense out of the morass of online challenges that threatened to derail me on a regular basis.

Along with Geoff, I also “met” Maggie the Cat.  Maggie always knew when Geoff was on a call and seemed to resent the attention he was giving to others.  She often landed in his lap and had to be gently removed so work could continue.  Maggie and Geoff found and needed each other; it worked for them.

Geoff died two weeks ago.  I haven’t been able to write about it until now.  His passing makes me very sad as there were things he could have and should have done to keep himself healthy longer.

Geoff ate with reckless abandon, and he lived with a serious heart condition.  I would gently chide him from time to time about his eating habits.  Health and healthy eating are my “thing”, and sharing them is my mission.  One lesson I’ve learn from Geoff’s passing is that it isn’t enough to teach people about how they should eat to get and stay healthy.  My true challenge is to inspire people to want to do that for themselves and for those around them.

I will try harder going forward to inspire those of you who take precious time from your day to read what I write and what I share.  Your health is everything, and my goal is to help and inspire you to make the most of it.

Helping you achieve Major Wellness in your life!

Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Cheryl A Major, CNWC


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In memory of Geoff Hoff… — 10 Comments

  1. Beautful post Cheryl. I know this was not easy for you to do. The more I hear of Geoff the more I wish I would have had a chance to meet him. Thank you for sharing a piece of your special bond. Thinking of you <3
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  2. Cheryl thank you for sharing about Geoff. As part of the Wednesday night call I miss the synergy as Geoff would start the call with a talk or rant. Then a discussion or question or answer session on the subject, which was something he felt would help us understand what we were doing.Then he would help us with our individual projects with a caring and patience I have rarely if ever experienced. It is an experience I will keep in my heart forever.

    • I know. I believe he was a rare individual. Remember last year when he was so sick? We were fortunate to have another year with him.

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