FLC Syndrome…I’m suffering from it, and it’s my own fault!

FLC Syndrome…I’m suffering from it, and it’s my own fault…why?

When I was working on the last section of my book, “Eat Your Blues Away”, I titled it “How to Prevent a Back Slide”.  It focused on the problem of how you keep yourself eating clean and avoiding the temptation of a donut now and then (my all time favorite!), a piece of crusty white Italian bread with Gorgonzola cheese, or something else that used to be an irresistible treat.

I’m currently coming out of a few days of FLC Syndrome, a condition coined by Dr. Mark Hyman.  FLC stands for ”feel like crap” which many of us do as a result of the way we eat.  I’ve been eating really “clean” for about a year now and have been feeling great.  No depression, lots of energy, sleeping well…just feeling really, really great all, or mostly all of the time…hey, nobody’s life is perfect all the time!

Last week, for some unknown reason, I started to crave stuff I don’t eat anymore; specifically donuts and muffins.  I decided to indulge my craving, and I had a blueberry muffin and a cruller.  That Blueberry muffins and FLC Syndromewas on a Thursday.  I didn’t even go the route of the lemon filled sugar covered donut that used to be my favorite; I had a plain cruller.  I got a wicked sugar rush, probably heightened by the white flour, gluten and who knows what preservatives, etc.; after that subsided, I felt ok.

Next day, I had another muffin; again blueberry.  Another sugar/white flour rush, but still ok.  The following day I didn’t feel as well as I usually do, but had to go to a family function and dinner;  I tried to eat carefully, but may have eaten a few “not on my usual menu” ingredients without meaning to.  The day after, I struggled with my mood more than I had in ages!   By Monday I was in full-blown FLC syndrome and was edgy, not happy, moody and had no energy or patience.  I was pretty darned miserable.  I had a really crappy day at work and had no patience with people.  I took someone’s head off; not that the person didn’t deserve it.  She did; she had been a real jerk, but I don’t usually react like that to situations any more.  Then I was upset with myself that I had gotten so upset.  I didn’t sleep well because I was still ticked off at myself and at the person I read the riot act to, so I woke up tired and still feeling crappy.  It was lose-lose all around.

This is a long way of saying the best way to prevent a back-slide is to be acutely aware of how good you feel when you are eating clean whole food.  If you have to go back to the way you used to eat, even for a day to be reminded, try to enjoy the trip; I doubt that you will.  To feel so unhappy, moody, edgy, listless and just plain miserable is motivation enough to stay on track.  Will I fall off the wagon again?  Perhaps; but it will be down the road quite a bit.  This detour’s going to last me for a while.  It’s Tuesday evening, and I’ve been back on track with “clean eating” for 3 days now.  I’m finally starting to feel more like my new normal.  That picture of the blueberry muffins looks so good, but they made me feel like crap!

I missed being my new happy and energetic self. Back to being a “Healthyist” and loving it!  Get a jump-start on feeling great with this terrific new book!!
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Cheryl Major

Cheryl Major



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