Make simple lifestyle changes for a healthier, longer life!

Healthy Lifestyle Changes There are some simple changes you can make to your lifestyle to extend your life and improve your quality of life.  Here are some easy ones to put in place. More magnesium please – French researchers have discovered that people with high magnesium levels in their blood may be up to 40 percent less likely to die of any cause. Magnesium reduces your risk of a heart attack and also reduces your risk of developing diabetes. In … Continue reading

Reduce Stress…to live a longer, healthier life

Reduce Stress Stay calm and be patient – Stress, particularly angry stress, can cause you to have a stroke. In fact, men who express anger frequently are more than two times as likely to have a stroke. Find ways to defuse your anger quickly and learn to let go. Your health depends on it. Chances are what you’re so angry about is not worth the price you’re going to pay. Embrace your creative side – Expressing your creativity in the … Continue reading