What Is an Alkaline Diet?

What Is An Alkaline Diet? An alkaline diet is a diet based on regulating the acidity or the pH level of your body. The human body is slightly alkaline, with a blood pH around 7.4. However, your stomach needs to be acidic so that it can break down foods; the pH of your stomach is 3.5 or below.  For comparison’s sake, 14 is completely alkaline, 7 is neutral and 0 is completely acidic. The theory behind this kind of diet is … Continue reading

Dr. Mark Hyman on Sugar Addiction & Food Cravings

Dr. Mark Hyman on Sugar Addiction & Food Cravings Anyone who knows me or who has followed my blog knows I am a huge fan of Dr. Mark Hyman.  He is the one person who really started me on the road to better health. I first heard him speak on a PBS special that was based on his book, “The Blood Sugar Solution“.  My husband, Rob, and I had been trying to get off a couple of prescription drugs. Rob … Continue reading

Sardines, a wonder food…and these really taste good!

Sardines, a wonder food! Recently, I posted a photo of my dinner on Facebook; dinner consisted of a huge salad comprised of dark green & red leafy lettuce, kale and baby spinach as well as lots of cut up veggies…tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, avocado (for healthy fat and that beautiful creamy texture), red onion and some fruit for a surprise sweetness and a beautiful pairing with the red onion.  I’ve been alternating between mango and ripe pear for the fruit.  I top … Continue reading

Hemp…what Types of Hemp Can You Eat?

Types of Hemp You Can Eat Hemp comes in a variety of forms, the most popular being the seed. You can also buy a variety of other types of packaged hemp products that are good for you, all natural, and ready for your table. Hemp Seeds – Hemp seeds are very high in easily digestible proteins and is one of the few plant-based foods that contains all 20 of the essential amino acids. Hemp seeds are rich in Omega 3 … Continue reading