Save money and eat healthy!

Save Money and Eat Healthy I’ve discovered how to make $4.99 previously frozen wild caught cod taste like fresh wild caught cod that sells for $10.99 or more! Interested?  Read on… It’s simple, and I wanted to be sure it wasn’t a fluke one-time thing before I shared it with you.  I’ve now done it a few times and am ready to pass on the info and recipe! Here are your ingredients and your instructions: Previously frozen wild caught cod … Continue reading

Healthy Eating

What is Healthy Eating, and Why is It Important? There’s a quick, simple answer and a much more complicated answer to this very important and potentially life changing question. The simple answer is that healthy eating is a diet that is as pure and clean as you can manage that supports a healthier happier you with more energy and more ability to focus and function in your daily life. The more detailed answer is that healthy eating begins with a … Continue reading

Water bottles…is your drinking water safe?

Safe Water Bottles…do you know what you’re drinking? These water bottles are so cool! Two years ago, I was at an online marketing conference in Las Vegas. One of the people attending had a water bottle that just looked different. I saw the man pouring the water the rest of us were drinking from the pitcher into the bottle, so I asked him about it. He said it had a built in filter that took toxins out of the water. … Continue reading


Supplements…which are the best to buy without spending a fortune? Do you know how difficult it is to find really good vitamins and supplements that don’t cost a fortune? I do !  It’s a long hard task, with lots of research involved, and frankly, it’s very confusing! I’ve done the hard work so you won’t have to! Vitamins often have ingredients like soybean or corn oil (which are most likely GMO these days); magnesium stearate; magnesium silicate, mannitol, sorbital, gelatin, etc. While … Continue reading

Magnesium and Leg cramps

Leg Cramps are So Painful! A while ago, I began waking up in the night with really bad foot and leg cramps. I’d have to jump out of bed and walk around until they subsided. They hurt! As I eat very carefully and take supplements as well, I was baffled. They continued, and I also had some bouts of restless legs. The twitching drove me nuts. I started doing some research into what causes them, and found a really interesting article … Continue reading

I’m Planning to Go Off My Healthy Diet… (find out why)

I’m planning to go completely off my healthy diet. Rob and I are planning a trip to Italy for fall, 2016. It will be exactly 20 years since we’ve been there. We were supposed to go back in 2001, but we were scheduled to fly out of Boston September 11th, 2001. Needless to say, we did not go.   Everyone who knows me is aware that I eat really carefully. Part of the reason for my healthy diet is to … Continue reading

The Truth About Eggs

How are the chickens who produce your eggs treated? I love eggs.  Because I eat a largely vegetarian diet and have been doing so for nearly 30 years, I have always relied on eggs for a go-to source of protein. Poached eggs are my favorite for breakfast.  Did you know that when eating eggs, it’s actually healthier to cook them without breaking the eggs, such as scrambling them?  This is because the yolks contain most of the egg’s cholesterol.  Breaking … Continue reading

Your Brain on Sugar… Hint: It’s not good…

Your Brain On Sugar… I want to share a really important video with you.  Please believe me when I say you want to watch this to learn what happens to your brain when you eat sugar.  It’s very short (only 5 minutes) and so worthwhile. I hope you’ll take a few minutes and watch it! can’t be loaded: How sugar affects the brain – Nicole Avena (   Make Major Improvements in Your Life! Cheryl A Major, CNWC       Share this:

Getting a thicker skin to help you win the battle for a healthy diet!

Getting a thicker skin to help you win the battle for a healthy diet! The more I put myself out in the world with my views on health and healthy eating, the more feedback I get from people.  While this is great, and quite frankly absolutely is my goal, sometimes the feedback is not what I want to hear. Recently, I posted on Facebook, or actually reposted, about how 700 McDonald’s restaurants were closing and about how great I thought … Continue reading

Simple Steps to Embrace an Alkaline Diet

Simple Steps to Embrace an Alkaline Diet The alkaline diet is a lifestyle diet, meaning that it’s not a crash diet or a diet which ends in a month or two. The alkaline diet is a way of eating for life. It has changed the lives of thousands. The diet is designed to give you more energy, help you lose weight and keep it off, and to significantly reduce your risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Because … Continue reading