Big Business is banking on you and me screwing up… (Fast food, fitness…?)

Big business is banking on you and me screwing up…Fast food companies, fitness establishments etc. are counting on you and me not keeping our commitments to ourselves and not achieving our health and fitness goals.  What do I mean by this?

Here’s a great example for you.  Gyms and fitness companies plan on you and me buying a membership, showing up for a while, and then giving up on getting in shape.  How do they plan for gyms oversell memberships knowing you will give upthis?  They oversell memberships; in fact, if everyone who bought a gym membership showed up, they couldn’t accommodate everyone.  You know how busy it is at the gym right after the holidays when people have gotten on the scales and realize how much extra weight they’ve packed on with their holiday party eating? That’s frankly what the fitness centers are counting on to sell memberships.  They are also counting on the fact that all our New Year Resolutions and good intentions will fall by the wayside, and the attendance at the gym will fall off to a more comfortable, much more manageable level.

The giant food conglomerates count on us screwing up too!  They count on us not realizing how addictive processed foods and sugar are so we continue to poison ourselves with GMO’s, sugar, trans fats and empty calories in their fast food and processed food.  That’s not even beginning a discussion about the deadly chemicals and pesticides that we are exposed to both within our food supply and in our external environment.

I urge you to start educating yourself by reading a primer on sugar and fast food and what it does to your body that was written back in the 1970’s.  Here’s a link so you can get it now:

If people really began to be aware and care about what they put into their bodies and what it does to their health long term what do you think would change?  Don’t you think the massive revenues mmm...donuts...delicious fast food poisonpulled in by fast food giants like Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds would suffer huge declines?  Don’t you think the drug companies would “suffer” if people started paying attention to what they eat that contributes to diabetes and heart disease?  What would Eli Lilly do with all their insulin and other diabetes drugs?  What about cholesterol and heart disease drugs.  What would happen to the enormous number of prescriptions for statins that are dispensed every day?

I suggest we take back our health and throw these large conglomerates a curve ball.  Let’s hit them hard in their revenues and start paying attention to what we put in our bodies for our long term well-being.  If we don’t care and save ourselves, the companies that profit from our fast food addiction aren’t going to care.  It all boils down to this:  Follow the money baby!


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Cheryl Major

Cheryl Major



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