Avocados are a Wonder Food!

 Avocados Really are a Wonder Food!

I’ll admit I was really lukewarm about avocados.  It seemed a California thing to me somehow; not very New England where I live.  Besides, I thought they were kind of weird both in taste and texture; that is, no taste and waxy in texture.  Quite frankly, they never did much for me.

I even remember the first time I tasted avocado.  I was visiting a friend in New York City.  We went out for lunch, and on the menu was a sandwich with avocado.  My friend suggested I try it; she thought I would like it.  I did not.

Until recently, people didn’t choose avocados because they thought they had no flavor and because they thought they were high in fat and cholesterol.  We all needed more information to make a healthy choice about this fruit.

Me personally, I have to confess I was so wrong on all counts.  If you eat a ripe avocado… that is, avocado_You As A Machinenot too green and not too over ripe, it is a delicacy!  The flavor is amazing and the texture is so creamy!

And if that isn’t enough to make you love to eat them, do you know how healthy avocados are for you?  I thought I did, but recently learned about even greater benefits, especially for vegetarians.

One of the greatest challenges if you eat a vegetarian, or mostly vegetarian diet, is to get enough good quality protein.  I recently learned avocados provide a complete protein!  Who knew??!  Apparently, while the avocado ripens on the tree, the sun breaks down the proteins in the avocado into easily digested amino acids.  Did you also know your body needs all 18 essential amino acids to create complete proteins?  You can get this complete protein from eating avocados!

Avocados also are a wonderful source of healthy fat, and we now know healthy fats are essential for good health, and especially good brain health.  Studies have shown that eating avocados have beneficial effects on cardio-metabolic risk factors and have produced lower levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) or the “bad” cholesterol.

All this makes eating avocados a win-win!  But how do you eat them?  Well, use your imagination; slice them on a salad; mash them and use them as a spread in a sandwich; top your scrambled eggs avocadowith them; my husband discovered an amazing chocolate mousse pudding made with avocados; and then there’s always guacamole…

If you’re on a budget and trying to eat as much organic produce as you can, it’s good to know that thus far, avocados are on the EWG’s (Environmental Working Group’s) “clean 15” foods list.  That is, they are among the foods that are the least sprayed.  For the present, you can grab conventionally grown avocados at lower prices than the organic ones.

One final bit of advice: eating an avocado at the right time can really make you love them.  I buy several at a time, keep a couple in the fridge and put them out a day or two before I need to have them at the proper ripeness.  That way, I always have a beautiful, creamy avocado ready when I need it!

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Cheryl A Major, CNWC

Cheryl Major



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