Announcement: Detoxing for Better Health

Simple Ways to Detox the Body by Cheryl Major

Detoxing for Better Health Detoxing for better health…will a body detox make you feel better? When you detox your body by feeding it high nutrient-dense food, or even by eliminating all food for a period of time, you help your body heal itself. Controlling exactly what you put into your body will help rest your organs, stimulate your liver, promote elimination, improve circulation, and refuel your body with high nutrition.  I have a FREE report for you on how to … Continue reading

Chia Seeds are a superfood – hint…think weight loss!

Chia Seeds are a superfood

Chia Seeds are a superfood- They’re not just for chia pets anymore… I used to think chia seeds were just for growing on clay forms of animals to give as funny gifts.  Now I know differently! Chia seeds are a superfood, so I use chia seeds frequently in baking, smoothies and desserts. Do you know they are incredibly healthy they are?  Among other benefits, they help reduce high blood pressure! I found this great article that I absolutely have to share … Continue reading

Side Effects of Statins – here’s a scary one nobody’s talking about…

Statin_Risks_(6941350219) (2)

Side Effects of Statins – Here’s one side effect nobody is talking about… There’s a lot of talk about the side effects of statins.  I am definitely not a fan of these drugs…lipitor just about killed my husband, Rob.  He had almost every side effect they list (even in the teeny tiny mice type writing…you know, the side effects they really don’t want you to read)…from muscle tissue pain and weakness to elevated sugar levels to brain fog and so … Continue reading

Easy Socca Recipe

Print Easy Socca Recipe Ingredients 1 cup garbanzo bean flour 1 1/4 cup water 1/2 tsp dried dill 1/4 tsp sea salt or Himalayan pink salt 1 tsp sesame seeds 1 1/2 tsps dried onion flakes or powder 1 tsp dried garlic powder 2 tbsps ground flax seeds 1/4 cup sunflower seeds 2 heaping tbsps hemp hearts 1 tbsp chia seeds 1 tbsp olive, avocado or coconut oil (optional – 1/4 cup diced calamata olives) Instructions Add flavorings and seeds … Continue reading

Prebiotics for Gut Health…Do you need them to feel better?

Prebiotics for Gut Health Sometimes there are things I would prefer to keep to myself…to keep private.  However, to be true to my commitment to you… to be transparent about health and to be of service to you in your quest for better health, sometimes I have to put myself out there.  This is one of those times, and it ends up being a discussion about prebiotics for gut health. Earlier this summer I had a bout with an intestinal … Continue reading

Popular Beauty Products Contain Suspicious Chemicals – are you using them?

Popular Beauty Products Contain Suspicious Chemicals If you use cosmetics, you really need to read this…  It’s titled “The 5 Suspect Ingredients That Could Cost the Beauty Industry $20 Million”, and it talks about how popular beauty products contain suspicious chemicals. Many years ago, I was looking through a TV Guide at my parents’ house, and noticed an “ad” talking about how rabbits were used for cosmetic testing.  I had no clue, and this was the beginning of me taking notice of cosmetics … Continue reading

Thin Strong Healthy…working on a guide for you to follow!

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Thin Strong Healthy Getting Thin Strong Healthy can be challenging!  Maybe you need to lose weight and get in shape.  Maybe you’re in shape but need to drop a few pounds, and just maybe you don’t need to lose weight, but you’re in terrible shape! I am one of those descriptions.  My mission is to share how to become Thin Strong Healthy and stay that way by eating right, but it’s more than just about eating right! I realized that … Continue reading

Depression and the Gut Brain Connection – Are you depressed?

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Depression and the Gut Brain Connection If you’ve never heard of Dr. Kelly Brogan, it is my pleasure to introduce you to her!  Dr. Brogan, who is well versed in the subject of depression and the gut brain connection, is a brilliant holistic women’s health psychiatrist whom I discovered by following my main man in the functional medicine world, Dr. Mark Hyman. The post I want to share with you today is about the subject that launched my career of … Continue reading

If You Hate to Diet, Check This Out!

Simple Ways to Detox the Body by Cheryl Major

If you hate to diet, read this There are a couple of recurring themes I hear from people when I try (and I always try) to impress upon them the importance to their long-term health and well-being of switching to a healthier, cleaner diet.  Those themes are: I hate to diet; I don’t want to give up the foods I love; and how do I get started…it’s so hard to change!  I’m glad you asked, because we’re going to talk about … Continue reading

Coffee, good or bad?

cup of coffee

Coffee, good or bad? If you’re a coffee lover but want to eat and drink to stay healthy, all the reports and information on coffee are so conflicting and confusing!  Some say drink it, it helps you stay healthy and keeps your brain sharp, and other reports say to stay away…it stimulates the production of cortisol which causes inflammation and contributes to disease and premature aging.  So, the question remains…coffee, good or bad? Dr. Mark Hyman, one of my favorite … Continue reading